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GlobalGiving March 2019 Accelerator Drive

Akhuwat USA is proud to announce its inclusion in #GlobalGiving. We will be participating this year in #GlobalGiving’s March Accelerator program to lift 100 families in Pakistan out of poverty. GlobalGiving’s Accelerator is a bi-annual campaign where nonprofits from all around the world compete to raise funds for causes they care about. Successful admission in GlobalGiving is one among many testaments of our commitment towards our vision of a poverty-free world. Support us in our mission of poverty alleviation today by donating in our March Accelerator Drive 2019. You can also share the word with your friends and family and help us in furthering our cause.

What is the challenge?

Years of unabated corruption, mismanagement, flawed state economic policies, and unfair wealth distribution has pushed more than 20% of the population of Pakistan below the poverty line. To put that into a perspective that's more than 42 million people living in extreme poverty. The lack of will demonstrated by state institutions has prompted people from all walks of life to root out this problem themselves.

What we have envisioned for this accelerator drive?

Akhuwat aims to lift 100 families out of poverty in one year through its collateral and interest-free donation based entrepreneurship microloans. With these loans, people who have been financially excluded would be able to set up their own small scale businesses. Instead of a one-time help, these loans would provide them the means of making a continued living for themselves and their families and could become financially independent.

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What is the long-term impact of this project?

With every loan recycled, the potential of helping the number of families is limitless as the returned amount is used to help another family in need. Therefore, a one kind act of our supporter propagates an infinite wave of hope among those marginalized. Akhuwat on behalf of its donors does all the due diligence of applicants requesting these loans to ensure their donation reaches the right people who have a genuine quest of changing their lives. The success of Akhuwat model can be measured in a context that with an impressive loan recovery rate of 99.6% Akhuwat has recycled loans of $600 million dollars to more than 3.3 million families in 17 years of its operations.


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