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Helping Women

Saeeda For Akhuwat.jpg

Saeeda Amin is a 53 years old widow and a mother to 8 children, 4 of these are receiving education while the elder 3 are working as manual labor for construction projects on wage basis and one of them is a street vendor of vegetables. Saeeda is a tailor and she has been stitching female made-to-order outfits for more than 10 years.


Currently, she is able to earn $35 USD on average per month and their collective household income is about $180 USD. Her stitching machine which she bought in used condition, a decade ago is worn out and most of her earnings and time is wasted on its repair works. Saeeda wishes to purchase a new Stitching electric powered Machine for increasing her business output and pass the old one to her daughter so that she can learn the similar skill from her mother. 


To uphold a sustainable means of livelihood, Saeeda requires capital of $350 USD. Your support would mean a world to her and to her family.

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